Wednesday, July 16, 2008

stop that

The phrase "touched out" is used to describe the aversion to physical contact that new moms can get. Your baby demands so much of you, and the nursing relationship is intimate and unrelenting. Here's the thing: I cannot even stand for Hutch to brush against my legs anymore.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

8 1/2 months

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Happy Belated Halloween! Trick or Treating went pretty well. Most of the kids were sweet and polite, but I noticed a few seemed to not want to bother with the saying "trick or treat" part. And one kid didn't want the candy I held out, instead reaching right into the bowl to get what he wanted. Oh, and one little punk stole the top of my jack o'lantern (I recovered it shortly afterward in the planting strip). There were no show-stopping costumes like the "mailman" from last year, and despite all the media frenzy over slut costumes for little girls, everybody was quite wholesome and decent. much ado over nothing, at least in my hood.

The baby is all growed and could come any time, but the doctor doesn't see any indication of an early arrival. GOOD! I'm ready to be done with it physically, but I can't psychologically handle his arrival before the due date, November 14. Being pregnant has pretty much sucked, and that's from someone who had a completely easy, problem-free time of it. Most of the associated aches and pains and symptoms were unsurprising, but I had no idea that the whole gravity thing in these last few weeks would be so painful. Sometimes when I'm walking it takes my breath away.

I'm working right up until labor. I'm way too cheap to waste days off before the baby gets here. Although I'm wrapping up projects and embarrassing procrastinations, each day that passes I care less about getting something crossed off the list. And each day that passes the aggravations of work bother me more. I can't wait for my time off. I'm not convinced its the best place to return to, either. But geez, job hunting AND a new baby might make my head explode for someone so resistant to change.

Friday, August 31, 2007

sorry earl

My Drug Buddy by The Lemonheads is the best song ever!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

hi there

I'm not keeping a pregnancy journal wherein I record my thoughts on the beauty and wonder of all of this. I'm not writing drippy letters to my child about all my hopes and dreams for his future. Those are activities that belong on a list of Things That Are The Opposite Of What I Would Do. I'm also generally avoiding having my photograph taken. Already camera-shy, I don't really feel the need to document every new inch.

But sometimes I do feel bad that all this is passing by so quickly, with scarcely a pause for reflection. I dunno, I know I'm kind of weird in that I just don't have a big dramatic, emotional response to.... well, pretty much anything. This sure hammers that point home.


I'm over six months pregnant! And my life is going to be drastically different in such a short time. SUCH A SHORT TIME. Of course I'm excited. Not really that nervous, though (is that arrogant?) And full of love for this baby, even as he repeatedly shanks me in the ribs.

(No one told me about the not-fitting-into-shoes part. )

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

i am finally warm!

We're finally getting some nice summer weather this week! i love it. The office didn't feel like a freezer today, although they made us close the blinds as we left so that it would keep cool for tomorrow. I did it begrudgingly as I was finally comfortable.

Speaking of heat, for the 4th of July we went to the Gorge to see the Willie Nelson picnic. It was super hot but was nice once the sun went down. He sounded great... I also enjoyed the Drive-by Truckers. The others I could take or leave (Old 97s... someone else I forget). They were selling $10 beer! I had a frozen lemonade.

I had an OB GYN visit today and have gained 16 pounds. Believe me, I can feel it when I walk. I guess that is in the average range of weight gain which is reassuring, because I feel I've really porked out. I saw some photos from over the weekend and I couldn't believe it. I'm getting a haircut tomorrow and hopefully that will help with my self-esteem. (Or worsen it, considering I still haven't found someone I can trust.)

Speaking of babies, I'm trying hard to picture my features (5-head, little beaky bird nose, too-small mouth) on a boy. I'm trying and trying. All I can come up with is Pete Doherty, although I know that's not quite right. And yeah, I've done that celebrity facial recognition software thingie, and the only man it came up with for my face is 50-cent.

This feels like a 7th grade book report.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hi! and Finished Object!

finished sahara
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Its been a while since this has been finished, but I just haven't been photographing well. I give up and will post this one, taken this morning, anyway. This is Sahara by Wendy Bernard, in Katia Diana. A wonderful pattern, seriously, you HAVE to make it. I myself wasn't interested because its advertised in silk and sequins (see the link), and it wasn't until I saw a photo of one in an unfussy yarn that I saw the potential for me.

I had another finished sweater in the time since I last posted, but I kind of gave it to my sister I think.

Now I'm working on socks and a crocheted baby blanket. Going to start some koigu booties and the kate gilbert rabbit.

I haven't been able to find a haircutter that works for me since my guy moved away last year. I just can't stand to look at pictures like this.

Right now I'm wearing a thick elasticized band that allows me to wear my pre-pregnancy jeans unbuttoned. I feel real silly, I gotta say.

Talk to you later!!!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I think my new shirt is super hilarious.