Thursday, August 30, 2007

hi there

I'm not keeping a pregnancy journal wherein I record my thoughts on the beauty and wonder of all of this. I'm not writing drippy letters to my child about all my hopes and dreams for his future. Those are activities that belong on a list of Things That Are The Opposite Of What I Would Do. I'm also generally avoiding having my photograph taken. Already camera-shy, I don't really feel the need to document every new inch.

But sometimes I do feel bad that all this is passing by so quickly, with scarcely a pause for reflection. I dunno, I know I'm kind of weird in that I just don't have a big dramatic, emotional response to.... well, pretty much anything. This sure hammers that point home.


I'm over six months pregnant! And my life is going to be drastically different in such a short time. SUCH A SHORT TIME. Of course I'm excited. Not really that nervous, though (is that arrogant?) And full of love for this baby, even as he repeatedly shanks me in the ribs.

(No one told me about the not-fitting-into-shoes part. )


Earl Cootie said...

Wow. It will be here in like
DAYS. I hope that you have him on my blogbirthday.

lomester said...


And thank you for telling me about the shoes thing... I will not forget it.

James said...

Shanks alot for sharing :)

Sarah said...

My biggest fear is not being able to wear any of my pretty shoes when pregnant! You are so brave!

Hey, hi! I am glad you are not made instantly stupid and sappy when also impregnated, I wish people would stop doing that. So much better to just continue being how you are! Everyone enjoys that!